Here are some frequently asked questions related to our Promotional video & photo shoot package

What is a Space promotional video & photo shoot package?

Our promotional video & photo shoot package is a product we designed for businesses of any size and description who are looking to promote their business online using video and imagery. That package is designed to capture the identity of a business and it’s USPs quickly and cost effectively. Our promotional videos are considered to be short format e.g adverts rather than long format e.g documentaries.

How long will it take to produce the video and take the photos?

We will spend up to one full day on site filming and taking photographs of your business.

What if I have multiple locations?

This isn’t a problem as long as we can still complete all necessary filming in one full day. We will however charge 40p per mile to cover fuel costs if we are required to commute between locations.

How long will my video be?

We would advise that videos designed for online distribution are between 1-3 mins in length, however if you require a longer video this can be accommodated, simply contact us to discuss your individual requirements. It is worth noting that videos containing dialogue will usually be longer by nature than those not containing dialogue.

Will we own the video and photos at the end of the process?

You will be provided with a license and finished file copy of the video to use freely as you wish without limitation.

Are there any on-going or additional costs associated with this package?

No, there is a one-off fee to pay as advertised and no other costs.

Do you provide multiple edits of the video for use on Instagram etc?

One master edit of your video will be provided as part of this package, however if you require multiple edits then please contact us for a quote.

Who will supply the music for the video?

In order to keep your costs to a minimum we will source royalty free music on your behalf that is free to use on your video on the condition that you credit the artist in the description. Alternatively paid for music tracks can be licensed for approximately £50 per track.